Management Planning

In considering a management position I thought it valuable to outline the things I would do and how I think about management. It focuses on IT management as that is where I have the most experience of processes though it is generic enough to apply different processes if the role differs.

Management Activities

·         Get to know the people in the team and work they are doing. Provide an environment where they are able to achieve their potential. This is through incentives, challenges and valued work.

·         Identify any urgent actions that need to be taken.

·         Identify what the business wants to do, where they want to go and how they think IT would support that. To do that regular input and information about the business plans is required.

·         Determine the current state. How able is the business to go where it wants and is there anything that is preventing them from doing that. Is there anything that the team can provide to help with it? What are the pain points?

·         Determine what changes are needed to move the business towards its future state and how the team can support that and turn the pain to gain.

·         Prioritise the required changes and determine measures for the changes.

·         Implement the measures to determine current performance.

·         Create a business case, project plan to implement the most important changes to the business.

·         Implement the project after obtaining sufficient resources and approval.

·         Review the change to determine the effectiveness.

·         Update current state and determine what further work is required.


Operational Activity

Review the work of staff regularly by getting them to present to the team.

Provide short fortnightly mandatory one on one meeting.

Describe and map out the processes responsible for and review and implement process measures. Example Processes for IT development

·         Bug Fix

·         Enhancements

·         Project

·         Release and Retirement

·         Hardware changes

·         Analysis

·         Test

·         Development

·         Architecture and Design

Determine if any improvements are necessary to the processes. 

Determine if any changes are needed to tools. Is training or development necessary? Do roles need to be changed and is sufficient resourcing available?

If process change is requirement develop business case or just do it depending on nature of required change.


Create and deliver performance indicators for processes.

Ensure that data required for performance measures are captured as part of the process and performance reporting is as automated as possible.