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Service Calendar Matcher

In an geographical area professional service people like dentists, physios, doctors, accountants, lawyers, hairdressers, beauticians exist. If you want to find or make an appointment this can involve a lot of phone calls and negotiation about a time that is suitable for both parties. If the services provided a calendar to a calendar service that would match appointment openings to the calendars of people who are looking for the service then this would save time for all parties. The professional service people would spend less on administration with times being automatically allocated by the calendar service and the customer would be able to find the service in the locality at a suitable time for all parties.

Functionality such as customer ratings and advertisement could be added to the calendar service to improve the selection of service and presentation of the service.

Pick up Event Notifier

A related calendar service is an event notifier service. If you want to play a pick-up game of soccer or basketball or any event where limited numbers of participants are required and desirable and it is regularly scheduled or just needs someone to start it then this is the tool for you. If an event requires a minimum number of people before it can take place then people subscribe to it wanting to know about the event. They then respond to a notification if they are able to make it. No response means they did not want to attend. Event notification will be sent by email or SMS to which the recipient must respond before a deadline if they want to attend. The event will need to be set up and subscribers obtained. Notification of the event happening will be sent out on the deadline to those who responded that they wanted to participate. No notification will be sent to those who did not respond by deadline. Cancellation notification will be sent to all subscribers. People may want to know how many people are attending before enrolling.  The event can be a repeating at some interval.