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Business Process Performance

All medium to large businesses have complex business processes. But not many know how much they cost in terms of time and dollars or what value they provide. Some do not understand the workings of the process so risk negatively impacting the business when changing them. There creates an obvious reluctance to change so making the business vulnerable to competitive pressures in a changing world. As a consequence changing processes becomes a high risk activity as there is a lack of knowledge about the impact. 

View IT has the tools and skills to model and measure the performance of those processes. Different scenarios can be implemented in the model to see where issues may arise. Changes can be made to the model to experiment with the performance and value of the process without risking critical business function. This can give more confidence that a process change will have a positive outcome on businesses performance. It makes the organisation more responsive to changes and reduces the risk in a changing environment thus making the business more competitive. It also provides valuable management information about a processes performance.

By using an external consultancy your business does not need to invest critical business resources in specialist tools and staff. The cost of the business process modeling is a one off and is dependent on the complexity of the process and how well it is understood in your business. At this stage you've already gained huge benefits by understanding the process and costs. The accuracy of the model can be measured against real world activity and the process or model can be refined to improve that accuracy. To further increase the value of the model different scenarios can be tried and changes can be experimented with in the model to see the affects without risking changes to the business.  Once the change is decided on then you can get on and implemented the change and reap the ongoing benefits.

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