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Business Analyst – Mighty River Power (2011-2012)

Scope: System Business Analysis, Project Management, Vendor Management, System Support


Achievements and Outcomes

Time sheet Implementation

Involved in testing, vendor relations, and project planning and integration requirements.

Protection System

Gap analysis, requirements clarification and gathering, options and planning.

IT Process and Systems

Assisted in development of templates, roadmaps and processes for IT business systems group.  Investigated and document Microsoft product timelines.

Hydrological Tools

Delivered an online tool for senior management to use during extreme flow events.

IT Architect - ViewIT (2010-2011)

Apply IT solutions to provide marketing capabilities to a small print company and customers; developed a survey web site using Microsoft MVC2 C# ASP.NET framework. Provided consulting and development services to business owner; other technology interests include Google Apps development, BPE using BonitaSoft, UIMA (Unstructured Information Management Architecture).

Software Architect - LIC (2004-2010)

As a Software Architect I was responsible for the development of technology roadmaps, researching and advising on technologies, aligning technologies with business plans and for providing input into business cases and project plans.


Achievements and Outcomes

Development Platforms

Provided the analysis of current systems. Investigate future state options and a transition plan.

CRM Project Integration

Provided high-level specification, sizing estimation and design for integration between SAP and Salesforce. Contributed to business case development.

Development partner engagement

Part of the evaluation team on RFI from Vendors. Supplied input into the plan to develop internal capability.

Full Farm Software Business Case

Provided input into the Software Architecture Document. Provided a business model for the development of the software. Assisted with the planning effort.

MS Office Upgrade

Advised on alternatives (OSS) and risks with proprietary solution.

Roadmaps (Business and Integration)

Developed roadmaps for Integration and Business systems. Suggested a SAP Java solution to minimise technical diversity.

Web Service

Planned and design and assisted in the implementation of an animal information service using SAP (XI). Identified problems and developed alternatives and solutions.

DNA Parentage Checking Program

Java application that checks DNA profiles of animals in production.

LIC Architecture

Used Sparx EA to create Enterprise Architecture in UML that described the systems, the relationships between them and where they were deployed.

Analyst Programmer - Livestock Improvement Corporation (1997-2004) 

LIC maintains a database of dairy animal information for the entire New Zealand dairy herd. I have developed, designed and maintained systems that support LIC’s business in the areas of processing and distribution of liquid and frozen semen, the collection of herd testing results, animal information, dairy shed automation and research into animal fertility and genetics.


Achievements and Outcomes

Information Service Strategic Plan (ISSP)

Involved in developing the ISSP and evaluation of the business software LIC is using (SAP). Involved in risk analysis.

Animal Traceability

Investigation of GPS, EID and SOAP technologies.

Rewrite of Legacy Business Systems.

Assisted in the production of coding and interface standards for a MANTIS/COBOL to Delphi conversion. Developed business components to encapsulate the rules of the business systems

Lead of Farm Automation Development

Lead a team that used Agile Development processes to integrate LIC animal recording system with a purchased dairy automation system. Used Delphi’s Model maker (UML tool) to design the system and build the connection between the systems.

Animal Information Recording S/w (Mindalink)

A lead developer and designer.

Finalist in the Computerworld Awards in Customer Service category

Dairy Automation (EID)

Develop a prototype system for Dairy Shed Automation in conjunction with a business partner.

GIS AB Planning

Developed a Delphi program that displayed all the roads in NZ and mapped out field staff routes and locations of farms.

Developed a code generating tool for Delphi

Recognised that LIC was often produced systems based on DB access. Developed a code generating plug-in for Delphi that took an XML file and generated the components. Wrote Delphi components that implemented standard DB navigation and maintenance functions for the Fertility and Breeding Trial DB.

Developed, designed and supported various Delphi applications

Animal Health, Breeding Trial, Fertility Trial, Bull Farm, Semen Lab and Allocation, Herd Drying Off, Herd Test Automation, Tag Order , Customer Systems

Developed, designed and supported Java applications

Semen Dispatch data transfer system.

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