Curriculum Vitae

I am good at collaboration, conceptual and analytical thinking and am able to summarize complex ideas effectively. I like to understand the high level view, reasons why, include people as much as possible and use my creativity to come up with innovative solutions to opportunities and problems. This has been seen in my delivery of models describing how IT is used in a business context, requirements elucidation and have articulated business and improvement opportunities. I prefer more challenging roles and get satisfaction from identifying needs, creating, developing and implementing quality, easy to use, successful solutions. I have a collaborative leadership style and enjoy teamwork in a relaxed fun productive atmosphere. I am an effective facilitator and communicator working well with a range of people where I like to get the right people doing the things that fit them best.

I strive to be professional in the delivery of work that is beyond expectation and am continually improving skills. This can be seen in reading and wide range of knowledge of solutions and in taking training opportunities. I look for more effective and efficient ways of working and pick up new technology and systems relatively quickly and have experimented with a number of technologies. I quickly gain an understanding of applications and there use.

My skills include

·         Collaborative leadership

·         Planning and initiation

·         Influencing

·         Information modeling and design

·         Innovation

·         Business, process and requirements Analysis

·         Solution and System design (software)

·         Abstraction

·         Modeling

·         Problem solving

·         Strategic thinking

·         Organization of information

·         Communications


I have a good understanding of software and solution development but take a pragmatic approach to working within the constraints of a project. Interests include social sports, keeping fit, philosophy, government, and innovation and home renovations.

Phillip Lee,
Jul 23, 2013, 3:16 PM